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Monday, November 7, 2016

folks, dear readers, 
the blog empowers its political component.

as far as now this blog was used in concerns of triathlon mainly. the substantive in the german language is called „triathletisches“. the word refers to the life of triathletes, to succes in sport, to how to cope with challenges, defeats and injuries, it’s about private life, about friends and gathering at sport events not only. 

german readers must not be bothered, it is needed to explain terms as of the internationality of this blog and the attention it gets from all countries. from countries of the so-called first, second and third world, a division done by socio-economic-status. maybe the ranking must be turned upside-down, when satisfaction and happiness is the criteria to be meassured?

up to now this blog gave some insight in a triathlete’s life. time came to focus on the term 3athletisches as well. what a kind of term is it? the word is an alphanumeric one. what else to say? to use deduction, 3athletisches can be interpreted as a policitical function. thus, first of all i would like to underline the fact of the germans and germany is a democratic country. minorities are not discriminated anymore and the dignity of every human living here is proteced by law and the state of germany. dignity is defined as the most highest virtue and principle and thus so paragraph one of the state‘s consitution. what to say about germany? people became calm and tolerant. germans are open to different opinion and to critizism and do fully accept all different kinds of religious confessions. everyone is allowed to free speech. the germans learned from the past and spend a lot of energy to make the world a peaceful one, and also healthy by switching to regenerative fuels. to make this going, the typical germans‘ all-to-day-life is still a busy one. germans work a lot. sure, the japanese people or the spanish meanwhile, too, do even work more, for example. thus, the germans are said to be efficient, thinkers and scientists, german is said to be the language to be the most precise. efficiency and work are key competences and values to be upholded for triathlon, too. as you might like to compare that, this is reflected on the hawaiian islands this year, where the world three most best triathletes, who won gold, silver and bronze, are all germans.

germany overcame its nazi-past. today it is a country ruled by humanity, upholds human rights and principles of democracy. germany has made a change the last century. nowadays life is multicultural and foreigners are warmly welcomed. after world war two we had three big waves of immigration: from italy, from turkey, and recently from syria. but also people from russia, or, and also from the near east live here, or asians, too. by the way: the originial full born germans are in a minority meanwhile. ten years ago it has been guaranteed by law that everyone is protected and no one is allowed to be discriminated in any way, no matter of religion, genes, attitudes, sexual-oriantation, gender and age [1]. everyone who does live here is a liberated person. nowadays, as of this context, one can say to be proud to be a german again. this goes along of what triathletes are supposed to be, in generally: people, who do respect everyone no matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you have, all equals, who want to go further.

sure, success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but without stress and obsession, valid for triathlon, but not only, of course.

Keywords: happiness, satisfaction, anti-discrimination, Germany, National Socialism, Sports, 3athlon, Triathlon

[1] Keywords added in Feburary 2021, Saturday 27th of: identity, dual-identity, multicultural-self, Social Identiy Theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1981a).

personal annotation 27-2-2021: if one is interested in further literture, especially about social-psychology, or on into the reaseach state-of-the-art concerning discrimination, please, and well, do not hesitate to contact me by writing an e-Mail. It is neccessary and important, and exciting, to keep up communication within the Scientiffic Community, sure, but also different opinion and critizism is welcome.

P.S.: do not worry, normally, well, I do read my e-mails regularily, Ifcourse, if on holidays not so, of course.

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