Based onto both literature and experience in business, based on my personal experience in big company and as self-employed enterpreneur, moreover as a graduated psychologist (academical grade: very good) hooked to the processes on German Top-University and thus to the state-of-the-art in the empirical and social science of psychology, I can offer knowledge, skills, abilities and other criteria for top-management on the international level, especially concerning leadership and team-work hooked to visions and values of endurance sports. and fullfil the a contract.

stages moral jugedmentent, 1964 (1-6), 1981 (7); 4 1/2 is transition not a stage of its own

The seven stages of moral judgement according to Lawrence Kohlberg and his +1 argument tactics can be used in order to ampliy quality in processes of decisions.

Moral Judegement can be structured by rising complexitivity:
1. law and order (conditioning by punishment and rewards)
2. individual-instrumentell purpose and communication
3. interindividual expectations, ties and confomity
4. social-system and individual consciousness
4 1/2. transition layer (stage)
5. utility
6. universial, ethical priciples (bilateral, multilateral), that might do require moderaters or mediators (like me e.g.), who has intercultural competencies
7. non-dual

Moreover, personality-tests based on the OCEAN-Model e.g. or and cognitive-tests can be implemented. Book me any place worldwide! My salery is international, depends on currancy and exchange rate.