From Bavaria to Barca – Or 1800k in flip-flops only (2017)


Like frequently mentioned IRONMAN became lifestyle, posing and exaggeration of personality. It is not that those “iron-clowns” are idiots, more it is money-business they follow. So for many years already I hoped to do something else as a hobby or as a semi-pro.

Philippinian way of life – in flips flops, always

The idea to go cycle to Barcelona with flip-flops has the origin in my fiancées family live there. Flip-Flops are the shoes on the Philippines. So I simply put it together and started with an old trekking-bike bought by my dad in the late of the Eighties.

Electronic devices? Switched off

For the route I used airplane-navigation mode (on sight). So I followed the Franconian lakes to the river of Danube, followed Danube to its source to go South from there until to the river of Rhine. Then I followed the Rhine till Basel, where I swam through the city and had an alcoholfree beer at the Suisse military base there after. From Switzerland I headed the French and not the Swiss Jura. French Jura is farer in kilometers but less in maximum altitudes. Following the river of Ain I by-passed Lyon in the East in order to south again at the river of Rhone, surrounded Montpellier in the North to break through to the French coast at Lespingon. From there I headed the Pyreenes having had the Mistral as a companion.

All the navigation has not been done by any electronical devices. I asked soldiers, policemen, locals, travellers, tourists or let’s simply say just people for routing. My map was not that much detailed, so in some areas compass (a compass with a needle made out of iron…) was useful to switch to. The loadings on the bike had been 20 kilogramm. The route was hilly mostly and flat areas had been very seldom. I slept in the open nature, four times at a camping-place. Meals were prepared by a simple cooker, sometimes I joined the good kitchens of Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain. Best kitchen in my humble opinion is the Philippinian…- like I had in Barcelona.
If you are wanted to be given an adivce, well, just do. All you need are three things: food, shelter and fuel… – and beer! 

Heat waves and terror attack

All the trip the weather was good but subtropical and sometimes even tropical heat in degrees of temperature in the Mediteranean. Finally I arrived at Costa Brava for the final kilometers at tourist area, easy pace to Barcelona, where me I myself was welcomed very warmly. Thank you for this this way on here and friends also.

Warmly welcomed in Barcelone, 14th of August, my fiancees birthday (in the picture, too), three days before terror-attack 17th of August. Luckily, all family-members, friends and acquaintances stood healthy.

tour’s data:
M 31st  of July: 131k / 7:14 hrsT   1st  of August: 148k / 7:53 hrsW  2nd: 133k / 7:31 hrsT  3rd : 137k / 6:51 hrsF  4th : 48k / 2:48 hrs (half day off / swam through Basel)S  5th : 128k / 7:02 hrsS  6th : 134k / 6:55 hrs
half-time at the region of Lyon, sum 1st week:  859 k
M 7th : 115k / 5:44 hrsT  8th : 61k / 2:55 hrs (half-day off  / struggled with thunderstorm)W  9th : 134k / 6:02 hrsT  10th: 124k / 6:10 hrsF  11th : 150k / 8:02 hrsS  12th: 127k / 6:31 hrsS  13th: 147k / 7:44 hrsM 14th : 81k / 4:04 hrs
sum: 1798k

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