Here you might find structural and systematical appoaches for both training and competition. Shedules are created my head and not by machine and are based onto my experience as a triathlet, having done eight races along the ironman-distacne, e.g. in Zuerich, Frankfurt and Nice with a sub9h result at my best.

My shedules base onto the book of Robert Slayermaker, that is S.E.R.I.O.U.S. training for endurance athletes and the books of Joe Friel, like his famous „Bible for Triathletes“ or „fit and fast 50+ years“ likewise to see in the diagrams valid for marathon and ironman (WRs) along the years, age is a myth for both female (grey line) and male (dark line).

Neither gender nor age, no matter due to prevention, fitness, hobby or professionals (PRO), I offer training-shedules and coaching, from a 1k nordic walk up to a race hard tactics in ironman-competition 226k, efficient and suitable shedules concepted to be implemented to keep stay in the flow. Sport is fun and shoud be a blessing and not a curse.

Invest! In yourself. And your life can be changed. Because a hobby like endurance-sport(s) is as equal important as job and family is visualized by the jongleur-model in industrial and organisational psychologies‘ recent research.

Invest into a professional! My salery is 90,- EUR for 1h of my work to create a shedule consultation for free. Consultation, only, my price is 50,- EUR for half an hour for coaching and communication state-of-the-art.