Time management and social contacts are important to stay healthy nowadays, a time of digitalisation and multi-tasking. Longer job-contracts are a privilegue. However, any place one can swim, bike or at least run or do all nonstop (triathlon). Triathlon is the 2nd most healthy sport of all. Only dancing is more healthier and therefore on the top of this ranking.

In general successful self-management contains some terms to be aware of in the context of adaption (stress). These are resilience and coping, ego-resilience and coping strategies. The letter can be devided into approching or avoiding, emotional or focussed on problems and, last but most important, effective and ineffective.

Do not hesitate to claim information. Consultation as of this all stress-concepts mentioned in the following and the psychology of health is for free.

According to modern terms health is a bipolar continuum. One neither is healthy nor unhealthy. It is a continuum with two poles, health and desease, where any individual can be located. Moreover, psychology has a strong interest into the reasearch of stress as of stress is the general adaption device in any processes of evolution according to Hans Seyle. Therefore stressmanagment and strategies had been widely and deeply researched. According to Lazarus it has to do with appraisal. Is a cue estimated dangerous, to ignore or a hinted challenge? How to manange challenge?

Hobfall found out of stress does depend onto the resources one has, financially, socially, physically and so forth. In order to link social psychologies‘ facts flow in, personal achievements, situations and values or even feelings and performance are compared but attributed internal or external, luck or bad luck (2-dimensional appraisal). If external stress out of own responsibilities (bad luck/distress) happens e.g., this appraisal might activate the HHPA (Hypothalamus-Hypophysen-Nebennierenrinden-Achse, HPA in English) and cortisol is released. Accute stress is like a match to the body being lightened inside. If stress does continue a fire is burning inside of the human body (chronical stress) induced by the sympathicus-axis (by the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, mainly). What to do then? Why not to go out, breath, do endurance sports preferable with mates? Hinted in above social contacts are important to stay healthy. However, in any job and family situation one can swim, bike or at least run or even to do all nonstop (triathlon).

In sum, and as a conclusion more over, triathlon is predicted to be on the top of the ranking of the most healthiest sports soon and likely to be on the top of the ladder the ongoing years. But well, may be fishing will be more healthier? Or playing scrabble? May be golf will be on top, or why billiard, tennis or even skat? Just joking? We all do not know by now.

„The dignity of the human being is untouchable.“ (article 1(1), basic law of Germany’s constitution).