Trip to Scandinavia by gravel-bike (2020) – cancelled

When holidays started on 11th of June, well, I did not think to be back eight days later. Actually I wanted to bike to Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Russia (Kaliningrad), Poland and Czech Republic. Biking North from my home here in 91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, I got stuck in bad weather, but not only.

Altogether I made 754 Kilometers in 6 days. The first day was good and flat, then it became hot and sunny uphills. The third day I bypassed the former iron curtain and headed to Poland. Unfortunatelly weather change and I go stuck in massive thunderstorms and lightning. E.g. I camped on open filelds and put the bike under the only tree some serveral meters away as of those flashes above. After days in the rain I decided not to go via Poland to Scandinavia, for bathing, fishing, and boat-trips, and re aimed Rostock in order to set over to Trelleborg by ferry-boat. 

Spaghetti for breakfirst in the open filed.

As of massive traffic violation I was hunted by the police throughout three of the 16 states of Germany. Next days and had to sleep closely to former military training areas in order to hide, too. Not only accused as of traffic violations, I was supposted to be  terrorist also and, meanwhile, wanted in all over Europe (by INTERPOL).

In sum, well, fed up of the rain, the police and a new outbreack of CoVid-19 in Sweden, that have reglementations on travelling in Scandinavia, e.g. no go for a set over from Sweden to Finland (Umea to Vaasa) I decided to get a hike home from Zeitz by relatives and am back home in Bavaria, where I am protected by the law of the state, now.

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